Leadership is tested

Someone doesn’t become a leader by thinking that he is a leader. The moment when he’s required to lead is the test to prove that he is a leader.

This is just a reminder once again for all of us who’s been taught that we’re all leaders. Examine, evaluate, and see whether we’ve been the leader that we think we are.

People follow what leader does, not what leader thinks he does.


Where are you heading?

IF you know where you’re headed, that’s a good start. But do you know why you’re heading there? Are you being intentional heading there?


Life’s a marathon. Losing sight of the goal will cause you to forget why you’re going there. Forgetting why will surely cut you short in the middle of the run.


Got that checked? Good.


Next is to see the trail you’ve left behind. The path you’ve been walking will guide you to where the path is going. Andy Stanley explains this principle very well.


Life’s a journey and it is an exciting one!

Happy New Year!

Hello! Long time no post! Just wanna say Happy New Year 2013 for you all, this will be an awesome year!

Leaders, you got to check this out. It’s a reflection for our generation that has been stuffed with the idea that everyone is a leader. What I know true is that everyone can be a leader, but not everyone is. The article will serve you good. If you think you’re a leader in any sort of capacity, you’ll not regret reading it.

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Bad coffee

You don’t know what bad coffee tastes like if you’ve never had a cup of good coffee. I’ve been some kind of a coffee enthusiast, someone who drinks coffee not only for the sake of caffeine buzz, for over a year now. I’ve met interesting people in the coffee business along the way; the industry’s specialist, businessmen, nation’s representatives, fellow coffee enthusiasts, and cafe owners are some of them. Little that I know that I actually know nothing about coffee prior to all these!

This morning I got two strokes of bad coffee. One is my own coffee at my house, which is undrinkable without sweetened creamer. I still drink my regular coffee from time to time, but this morning was a bad call. I set the delay brew, but forgot to adjust it to the daylight saving time, meaning that the coffee was lukewarm when I got to it. Foolishly, I tried to taste it without the creamer; it tasted horrible. I can’t drink it, even after I put the magic creamer.

The second one is the one I’m having right now. I am at this coffee shop that you can always find in small to medium sizes office buildings, and usually there’s only one of them, giving you no freedom of choice when you’re bound to the need to have coffee. Frankly speaking, the only reason I order is because I need a space to sit and type.

I think I would be just fine drinking those two horrendous coffees, say, 2 years ago. My senses would not have been developed as they are right now. I am not able to tell which one is good or bad, because I never know what a good coffee should taste like. And even when I drank one of the good ones, I can’t identify them as a good one. Let alone the bad one. All coffee is good.

Gets me thinking: do we really know what the good one is? Or is it good just because… we don’t know what it’s supposed to taste like?

In the world of business, the winner is usually the one who first define what good is. Trivial standards can be made, of course, but I doubt that it’ll be there for long.


It is a typical October Portland morning today. Cloud is all over the sky, barely allowing the sun to radiate through. Rain’s falling down, bringing the leaves along with its chill. And here I am at Caffe Vita, enjoying my cup of French Press.


There’s always something magical about coffee shops. I don’t know whether it holds true in other parts of the world as it is in Portland, but there’s just something about it here. When you have a friend with you, coffee shops will surely usher you to have a good conversation, companied by a good cup of coffee. By yourself, you may find yourself meandering in some good reads or reflecting/thinking of some sort. In this state of mind, you can find almost the most insignificant thing to be inspiring.

There is an ant on my table, creeping its way to me. Some people might just ignore it or plain crush it. It’s only an ant, one little creature with no significant important to most of us. I decide to blow it off my table. I took a breath and blow the air out of my mouth. It doesn’t move. More precisely, it is holding on to its ground. It realizes that there’s a force, wind blowing against it, but it decides to stay firm. Or at least trying to. However, it only takes me a deeper air intake to throw it off my table. And so it flies away.

I can still see the ant when it lands. It shakes its body a little and continues to move on. As a matter of fact, it is creeping to up to my table again as I’m typing.

It gets me thinking. If you’ve ever played with insects, you know that there’s no stopping them from moving. I know that the only way to stop it is to crush it completely, but I let it be; its resilience speaks something to me: as long as it has a limb to move, it will move.

Resilience is strength. It is the power to endure, to shake things off, and to move on. It will never stop, until it is completely crushed. Keep going, continue on, and don’t give up pushing and pressing on. Learn from the ant and get moving. Regardless what have happened in the past, know that nothing can stop yourself but you. Gather your strength again and move again.

A little something I got from my coffee time this morning.

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Business is all about trading value. This is so often overlook with the fancy and the shiny. Understanding the value of something is the underlying of good business sense. What can you provide that would bring value to other people? That’s your good. A lot of times they are not tangible. Business instinct is the ability to smell this opportunity.

What must be noted, especially for the young and hungry businessmen, is how we appraise value. Opportunities are not always as valuable as they might seem. Housing bubble should be a clear example. The longevity of the value plays an important role.

Relationship, which is the fundamental of business, also holds the same value principle.

Good value should increase with time.

What’s your Strength?

Does that question boggle you? I think it’s an important question that we all need to have answers to (especially when you’re looking for a job). A while ago I did strength assessment test by Gallup. It helps me to understand my strengths better and also to articulate it to people.

Here are my five top strengths:

  1. Responsibility- “take psychological ownership of what they say they will do. “
  2. Restorative- “have an enthusiasm that is contagious. They are upbeat and can get others excited about what they are going to do.”
  3. Ideation- “fascinated by ideas. They are able to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena.”
  4. Restorative- “adept at dealing with problems. They are good at figuring out what is wrong and resolving it. “
  5. Woo – “love the challenge of meeting new people and winning them over. They derive satisfaction from breaking the ice and making a connection with another person. “

So there we go. What do you think? For those who know me, do you think it truly  reflects who I am?

What’s your strength?


Bigger than yourself

There was this boy at Barnes & Nobles lego station who has been building a tower of lego. After a while, this boy shouted with a really loud voice, “Mom! Look at this!” The tower was taller than the boy himself. His Mom immediately came and said, “Look at that! It’s bigger than you!”

Don’t we all have that inner boy within us? The desire to create something bigger than ourselves has been always embedded within us, and sometimes we have to embrace that again. What we are within is bigger than ourselves and it is capable of doing bigger things than ourselves.




Going out to going in

It seems pretty obvious, isn’t it? But many of us are expecting to enter something new (be it a new job, experience, venture, or whatever) without going out of the old.

In order to step in into the “new”, we have to make a conscious decision to step out of the “old”.

Know what it is you’re going in and embrace it. In the same time, know that going in to something new requires going out of the old.


ps: stress is when you tried to keep both

Be proud

In whatever you do, be proud of it. Be proud of it not because it’s better than what other people are doing (you’ll be disappointed soon enough if that were the case), but be proud because you know that you’ve put your best into it. Be proud because it is your work. It’s your art.

Not doing what you love? Get on with it. Take ownership of what you’re doing and turn it into something that you can be proud of. Same thing with making a decision. Before you make any decision, think ahead and see whether you’ll be proud of it or not.

Leave no regret.

Be proud.

But not prideful (being so full of yourself- that is  sick)

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